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Viste le ultime disposizioni in materia di prevenzione della diffusione del Coronavirus, la Confsport Italia ha deciso di annullare la serata di premiazione degli Italian Sportrait Awards prevista per lunedì 9 marzo a Roma. A breve saranno resi ufficiali i vincitori.

Le votazioni sono terminate

Le votazioni sono chiuse. I vincitori saranno ufficializzati a breve sul nostro sito web.

Si ricorda che viste le ultime disposizioni in materia di prevenzione della diffusione del Coronavirus, la Confsport Italia ha deciso di annullare la serata di premiazione degli Italian Sportrait Awards prevista per lunedì 9 marzo a Roma.

italian sportrait awards

Il ritratto dello sport Italiano! Il premio agli atleti che ci hanno fatto emozionare con le loro prestazioni e ispirato con i loro comportamenti.

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Con il Patrocinio del Ministro per le Politiche Giovanili e lo Sport

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The 8 Greatest PlayStation Emulators for Desktop PCs in 2020 

A PlayStation emulator is a program that emulates, or imitates, the popular gaming system, and allows gamers to enjoy their favorite PlayStation games on their computer. All you will need is the game disc or a copy of the disk image.

You may even find PlayStation emulators for Android, but you are better off playing PlayStation games on a high-end gaming PC.

Following is a roundup of the best PlayStation emulators offered in 2020.

The Legality of EmulatorsThe PlayStation emulators under are free to use unless otherwise noted; nonetheless, although emulators are completely legal, it is illegal in the U.S. to obtain or distribute copyrighted software. You may create your own backup copies of games you own, but you can't legally share them download games others have replicated. Nevertheless, there's no shortage of places on the internet where you can find ROMS and disc images of favorite PlayStation titles.

Some emulators require you to get the proper PlayStation games console BIOS, which are also illegal to distribute or download. The only way to get them legally would be to transfer them from your console onto a memory card, but doing so might void the console guarantee. See the special instructions that come with each emulator for help getting started.

Greatest All-in-One PlayStation Emulator

RetroArch RetroArch isn't a single emulator, but rather a collection of emulators, called"cores," that let you play thousands of classic games for heaps of consoles all on one PC. The PS1 core is named Beetle PSX, and its own exceptional to the majority of standalone original PlayStation emulators. If you like old school video games, then RetroArch is well worth a look.

User-Friendly PlayStation Emulator

PCSX Reloaded If you prefer a standalone PS1 emulator, the clear choice is PCSX Reloaded. It is a lot easier to configure than RetroArch, also it supports virtually every match for the classic console. PCSX Reloaded also supports some PC compatible gamepad, so attach your DualShock control for an authentic experience.

Best PlayStation Emulator for Rate Runners

BizHawk Attempting to set a new world record by speedrunning your favorite game? In addition to recording gameplay, BizHawk allows you take advantage of rescue states and frame-rate manipulation to catch your perfect playthrough. BizHawk is really a plugin that runs along with a PS1 emulator named Mednafen, which means you will need to download both applications.

Most Compatible PlayStation Emulator

XEBRA XEBRA is an easy PlayStation emulator for Windows and Android that prioritizes authenticity. It does not include any graphical improvements or fancy UI components, but it will hold the distinction of being the only app that can effectively emulate PocketStation games so that you can finally play with the Japanese version of Chocobo World.

Greatest PlayStation 2 Emulator

PCSX2 PCSX2 takes benefit of texture filtering and anti-aliasing to give PS2 matches a polished look superior to many modern HD remakes. An integrated HD video recorder and numerous adulterous attributes make PCSX2 a favorite app for pace runners. You may never need to play PS2 games on your games console again.

Best PlayStation 3 Emulator

RPCS3 RPCS3 is an impressive app that's still in development, but you are able to play and purge tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 names with it. The programmers gained notoriety in 2017 when a variant of Persona 5 to get RPCS3 started circulating online before the match official U.S. release.

Best PlayStation Portable Emulator

PPSSPP PPSSPP will not PSP games what PCSX2 does for PS2 matches: It upscales textures and resolution to make old titles look better than they did in their original consoles. This feature is especially useful because the PSP screen is really tiny. You can easily transfer save information from your PSP to your computer with an SD card.

Best PlayStation Vita Emulator

Vita3k Vita3K is an unfinished project which deserves mentioning on this record because it's the only PlayStation Vita emulator to date. The Vita probably did not do in addition to the PSP, but this hasn't stopped gamers from attempting to construct a PS Vita emulator.

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